Spinach Dhal/ Palak Dhal


1. Toor Dhal, Spinach leaves, Tomato, Onion, Garlic Clove 1-2, Coriander leaves, green chilli, Sambar Masala, Turmeric Powder, Salt.

2. For Seasoning: Sesame oil / Refined oil, Mustard Seeds, Jeera whole, Curry leaves (Fresh/ Dry), Red Chilli

Time to Prepare: 20 mins


Step 1. Cook the Toor Dhal, Chopped Spinach leaves, Garlic cloves, Green chilli, Sambar Masala, Salt and Turmeric powder by adding double the water in the pressure cooker and leave it till 5 whistles.

Step 2. Heat the pan and add sesame oil/ refined oil, once the oils gets heated add mustard seeds, jeera whole, red chilli, dry curry leaves.

Step 3. Add the seasoning to the boiled Spinach dhal.

Step 4: At last add the coriander leaves.

Now Delicious and Healthy Spinach Dhal is ready to serve with rice, roti and chapathi.