What Payment options are available?

 You can pay for your order on Mrkt2Home.se using the following modes of payment:

1. Cash-on-Delivery

2. Card-on-Delivery

3. Online Payment to our bank through your net banking.


What is Cash on delivery?

 Cash on delivery means that you can pay cash for your order at the time of delivery at your doorstep to our delivery team.


What is Card on delivery?

 Card on delivery is very simple, it works as you pay in a store or a taxi, you can pay through Credit or Debit card at the time of order delivery at your doorstep. Our delivery person will carry the card swiping / dipping machine if you have chosen the mode of payment as card on delivery.


What is Online Payment?

During check out process, when you reach the payment options, if you choose the WireTransfer options, You can pay the final bill amount through your netbanking like how you transfer to your family, friends or pay bills.The Bank account details will be mailed to you when you complete the check out process.So kindly pay the bill to our Market2Home bank account.Kindly add the purchase reference number in the message field so we know who made the transfer for which Bill.If you have any further queries kindly call us or Whatsapp  on +46727792547.

What is discount e-Voucher -Where should I enter the Voucher code for the discount to be applied?

 During the checkout you can find a text box Voucher where you can fill in the voucher code so the discount will be automatically applied and your reduced final bill value can be seen before you make a payment.