1. Pasta 2. Chilli Flakes 3. Mushroom 4. Maida flour (1-2 teaspoons) 5. Oregano leaves 6. Salt

7. Pepper Powder 8. Olive oil 9. Milk 10. Cheese ( Grated or Sliced)



Step 1: Boil Pasta by adding salt and olive oil for 15 mins and Strain Out water and keep it aside. Fry Mushroom by adding salt and pepper powder and leave it aside.

Step 2: Keep the pan add oil and then Maida flour and fry until it gets fine paste in low flame.

Step 3: Now add  Milk in the Maida Paste and then chilli flakes and oregano leaves and cook it for few mins.

Step 4. Now add the boiled pasta and Mushroom and cook for few mins. Finally Sprinkle Grated Cheese and Oregano leaves on it.

Hot Creamy Mushroom Pasta is ready to serve.