Chilli Panner


1.Green Chilli - 3-4Pcs

2.Onion - 2Pcs

3.Tomato - 2pcs

4.Panner Cubes - 250g

5.Oil - 2 Tbps

6.Mayonnaise sauce(optional)

7.Oregano leaves (optional)

8.Chapathi for roll.

9.Coriander leaves

Time to Preapre : 15-20Mins


Step1: Heat pan and add little oil then add greenchilli(cut into thin and small pieces), Sliced onion, sliced tomato and paneer cubes one by one and salt close the pan and leave it for few mins.

Step2:Add tomato ketchup and oregano leaves(optional) and cook it for few mins.

Step3:Sprinkle coriander leaves on top of it.

Step4:Now apply mayonnaise on the prepared chapathi and fill it with chilli paneer and roll it tightly.

Now tasty chilli paneer roll is ready to serve.

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